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Cullinan Diamond parts

As mentioned before, the Cullinan diamond was cut into 9 stones, 95 brilliants and 9.5 carats of unpolished diamond. Of these, Cullinan I and II belonged to King Edward VII, while the rest of the diamonds were given to the cutter, Mr. Asscher.

The bigger stones are named Cullinan I to Cullinan IX respectively, the Cullinan I being the biggest while the Cullinan IX being the smallest of the stones.

Cullinan I

Cullinan ICullinan I or the Great Star of Africa as it is also known was given to Edward VII and it currently stays in the Tower of London.

Cullinan IICullinan III and IV broochCullinan II

Cullinan II, or the Lesser Star of Africa weighs 317.4 carats sits in the center of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain.

Cullinan III and IV

Cullinan III (94.4 carat) and Cullinan IV (63.6 carat) were purchased in 1910 from Asscher and Queen Mary put them in a brooch.

Cullinan V broochCullinan V

The 5th stone, Culinan V was used by Queen Mary in a platinum brooch.

Cullinan VI

Cullinan VIThe 6th stone, Culinan VI, was purchased immediately after the Cullinan was cut from Asscher.

Cullinan VII and VIIICullinan VII and VIII

Cullinan VII and VIII were used in the same brooch made for Queen Mary.

Cullinan IX ringCullinan IX

The smallest of the Cullinan diamonds, a 4.39 pear-shaped diamond was used in an engraved ring which is currently used by Queen Elizabeth II.


Some of the 95 brilliants were also purchased by the Royal Family and used in necklaces and other jewelry.